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xiansheng cao9
Oprettet d. 14. December 2019 kl. 02:37
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Cosplay is very interesting

For decades, role-playing competitions have followed the basic formula of each person going to a hotel or convention center, meeting, taking photos, meeting, and then returning home. However, as the scale and scope of cosplay grows, some cosplayers have come to realize that the same character alone is not enough. At the same time as this year's Katsucon (one of the most important role-playing programs on the calendar), there was another SClass Weekend event that gathered the biggest role-playing and the best photographers on the scene. However, this is not Katsucon's official schedule. The cast acquired at this event is through the cast. https://www.cosplay-field.com/spider-man-costume-cosplay Cosplay is a mixture of “clothes” and “games”, and disguise has an apparent similarity, but advocates say they are completely different. SFW5 is joined by Victoria Kahl as Who Doctor's Jenny Flint. I think that the costume and cosplay are different because they originate from computer game characters. Dress and disguise are interesting. The cosplay is an upgrade that requires accuracy by looking at the details of the character. " https://www.cosplay-field.com/ At that time, you may have heard cosplay. People were dressed as TV, movie, manga, and anime characters, and even the characters they imagined. Some are more elaborate than others. At conferences around the world, cosplayers often show their latest works. For example, SDCC, Disney's D23, Dragon Con, this weekend in Atlanta. https://www.cosplay-field.com/boku-no-hero-academia-cosplay Winge tracks role play from online anime and manga, and plays a role that has been played to date through the Internet and various practices. Although the origin of role play is still unknown, she has four basic components: role player, sociable environment, role play / clothing, these elements are between human, environment and imagination States that it promotes social interaction. Winge determines one role-playing continuum by commitment level (from casual to complex). Sclass is the creativity of Sean McCoy, who is a former cosplayer and now supports his fiancee Natasha (Natasha “Bindi Smalls” Spokish). If you want to know what that means, Sean will take care of everything that Natasha couldn't do when Natasha was wearing it, and deploy equipment to help with logistics, armor / repair, and photography.