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Oprettet 14. January 2016 kl. 07:52
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Blackram Narrows is the first dungeon in Blade & Soul & becomes available at around level 19. The dungeon itself is quite tough so it is highly recommended that you do it with a group of people. The dungeon consists of 3 ‘main’ bosses and a few mini bosses. Below we have highlighted the boss battles so you can get a rough idea of what to expect Blade & Soul Power leveling before you enter. Blackram Narrows is located in the Viridian Coast Zone. Check out the map below for more info. Upon entering work you way forward over the bridge killing everything in your way until you reach the first mini boss which is: As you can probably tell Du is a Force Blader, he will use ice attacks against you & has one aoe which can outright freeze you for a few seconds if you stand in it when it takes effect. The aoe has a long charge though and is very easily avoidable just by moving away from him. After killing Du, head through the door, jump down and again just follow the path and you will come to the next minoboss. You can increase your BNS Power leveling by surfing more information. Dai is a Kung-fu Master & pretty easy to kill. Just watch out for his counter and beat him down. After he’s dead, continue forwards killing any mobs along the way and you will come to the first main boss in this area. On the right hand side near the boss area you will see: This is called a Dragon coil or Dragon hearts. They are basically like extra lives and bring you back to life if you die. Note that dragon coils are not available in the 4 man version of this dungeon. Enforcer Ma Parang is a Kung-fu Master. He has a few one sided aoe attacks as well as some annoying grabs and stuns. Most of them are pretty visible though so they can be avoided fairly easily. A few things to note: Kill all the trash mobs in the surrounding area before you begin fighting him, it makes the fight a little easier. He spawns mobs as the fight progresses, kill them accordingly. The loot he drops includes soul shield pieces, food & weapons (for 6 man) accessories (4 man) You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

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