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Oprettet 28. September 2022 kl. 03:23
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Jesus Corona might not take the glitz and glamour

After Assessing the stats of FIFA 23's plentiful teams and players, there's currently a definite list of the absolute best dribblers in FUT 23 Coins the game. When it's the dribbling stat itself, or even the hand-in-hand attributes of equilibrium, ball control, agility, and frequently a powerful turn of pace, the ten players showcased here will be the absolute best in FIFA 23 when it comes to easing past your resistance. Looking for a distinctive sort of player who is capable of earning a defender flat in their backside? These ten gamers are a excellent place to start, as we look at the ten players with the best dribbling stats on FIFA 23. The Mexico international may not have hit the peaks of some of those other more illustrious names featured on this list of FIFA 23's greatest dribblers, but he's clearly a talented player. Predominantly a right-sided choice, Corona offers FIFA gamers an explosive attacked who has a couple of exceptional stats -- most notably his 90 dribbling, 91 agility, 88 acceleration, 87 balance, 85 ball control, along with also the vital five-star ability moves that so many gamers seek out. of a few of the other footballers showcased here, however if you're looking for a comparatively inexpensive player with great dribbling stats along with a bagful of tricks, the Mexican will make a fine addition to some FIFA 23 team. Lots of you out there may have been expecting Kylian Mbappe to include somewhat higher in regards to FIFA 23's best dribblers, however buy FIFA 23 Coins the PSG forwards's 91 dribbling stat sees him come at the #9 spot.

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