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Oprettet 15. August 2022 kl. 04:22
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Solid sintering refers to the sintering temperature in the bleak body

Products are widely used in pipelines, coal air pipes of electric coal mill, steel plant mortar, cement plant kiln tail pipeline, fan impeller and other equipment on the surface of the equipment. Oxide ceramic products have the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, anti -abrasion, impact resistance. It is widely used in the anti -wear of the equipment of mines, steel, thermal power generation, cement, ports and other industries.

Among them, abrasion -resistant ceramic blocks include: square porcelain, hexagonal porcelain, ceramic cylindrical, split -dot porcelain, and alien ceramic block.Shunpeng's products are diverse.You can also customize ceramics according to customers. It has the characteristics of firmness, not falling off, and not easy to aging, which can meet the requirements of long -term anti -wear of the equipment.

Straight -stick wear -resistant ceramic blocks can work in an environment of 300 degrees for a long time. The product is pasted on the surface of the device with special ceramic adhesives. Solid sintering refers to the sintering temperature in the bleak body with a variety of powders. Half of the solid -phase sintering is divided into three stages: the initial stage, which mainly manifested as the change of particle shape; the middle stage mainly manifested as changes China alumina ceramic Manufacturers in the shape of the pores; the final stage is mainly to reduce the size of the pores.

The type of sintering can be divided into liquid sintering and solid -phase sintering.Sintering is a technology that uses thermal energy to cause the powder body to delineate. The sintering temperature is at least higher than the melting temperature of the powder, so that the sintering process of the liquid phase occurs during the sintering process.

Its specific definition refers to the process of degradation of porous ceramic blank under high temperature conditions, decreased surface area, low pore rate, and improvement of mechanical properties. Its advantages are: improvement of sintering driving force; ceramic composite materials with controlled micro -structures and optimized performance

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China mechanical seal ring and face

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