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Oprettet 19. May 2022 kl. 02:29
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Set the low pressure position to zero after the mold is opened

Fill: By adding a filler to the plastic to improve physical mechanical properties or reduce costs. The resin is approximately 40% to 100% of the total weight of the plastic. The process of modification can occur during synthetic resin polymerization, that is, chemical modification, such as copolymerization, graft, cross-linking, etc. I hope to help you, pay attention to the plastic production line manufacturer to take you to learn more about news. The main component of the plastic is synthetic resin. Requirements.

Plastic modification refers to a change in the performance of plastic materials to people's expectations by physics, chemical or both, or significantly decreased significantly, or makes certain properties to improve, or give plastics The brand new function., can also be carried out in the process of synthetic resin, physical modification, such as filling, total Mixing, enhancement, etc.Third, the type of plastic modification:Enhancement: By adding fiberglass, carbon fiber, mica powder and other fibrous or flaky fillers to increase material rigidity and strength, such as glass fiber reinforced nylon used in electric tools, etc.Set the low pressure protection time is usually.

Temperature and low pressure protection adjustment step:Plastics production line fault problem analysis and solution.The cause of the Admin Machine fault, often due to the improper operation and setting, easy troubleshooting via analysis . In summary, it is the problem analysis and solution of the plastics production line.Then set the low pressure protection width: the low pressure protection width is the distance from low speed to low pressure.

Set the low pressure position to zero after the mold is opened.Packed high pressure setting 135bar, 10%; low pressure speed setting 20%, low pressure position set value of 100mm; low pressure time is set to 5 seconds. Industrial Plastic Recycling Machine Supplier Using the modulation to rewind the lock mode; use the system pressure gauge in the pressure gauge of the pressure gauge to rise, and can be referred to the lock mode oil pressure control comparison table.

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