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Oprettet 27. January 2022 kl. 02:46
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It is a fabric woven from very fine cotton yarns

According to the spinning process, poplin can be divided into three types: semi-carded, carded and combed. Velveteen: The cloth process of velveteen is more complicated, and its warp and weft yarns will use cotton yarn as raw materials. Friends who want to check the specific prices or attributes of the fabrics can go to the mall to learn more. Plain cloth: This is a woven fabric.

Because the appearance is similar to hemp fabric, it is called hemp yarn. Oxford spinning: It is what we often call combed cotton. Common types of cotton fabrics. Maier yarn: It is mainly obtained through the process of silk finishing and singeing.What are the types of cotton fabrics Cotton fabric generally refers to a type of fabric that contains cotton or a high content of cotton, because there are many ways to classify cotton.

It is a fabric woven from very fine cotton yarns. Its structure is relatively compact and has the characteristics of satin. Poplin: The fabric woven by plain weave is called poplin. The mall improves the wholesale and retail services of various cotton and other fabrics. This type of fabric has strong moisture absorption and breathability, and is more used in the production of summer T-shirts and dresses. Horizontal satin: This kind of fabric will use pure cotton combed cotton yarn as the weft.

Because of the higher finishing imitated silk fabric Factory cost, the price of such fabrics will also be higher. They use pure cotton and polyester cotton as raw materials. This fabric will be used to make work accessories and dresses. The surface of the fabric can clearly see the lines of thickness and thickness. Most of the raw materials used are cotton yarn. Yarn-dyed checkered cloth: This kind of cloth is woven with dyed cotton yarn, and its cloth surface will have a grid pattern

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