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Oprettet 13. January 2022 kl. 03:49
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RuneScape - There are other efficient gear items

In other instances, you should avoid making use of OSRS GP it because it doesn't offer you the experience you need to kill. To get the most points and experience possible, players have to take on as many bosses as they can. There are also additional bosses including Count Draynor, King Roald, Khazard War Lord, Tree Spirit, Moss Giant, Black Knight Titan, Ice Troll King, Black Demon,Witch the experiment, Giant Roc, Treus Dayth, Nazastarool, Hellhound, Kendal, Ancient Skeleton and many other deadly enemies. Your inventory setup should consist of four to eight prayer potions four overloads, one weapon with special attack orb and locator or rock cake. Rest of the free inventory slots should be filled with potions for absorption. When you enter the dream, you should drink overdose and take the all hitpoints remaining down to 1 by using wither orb or rock cake. This makes bosses hit only for 1 which can be shielded for prolonged time due to potions that absorb. When you purchase the equipment, take the best damage output set that you have (Dharok is a great choice). Additionally, there are other efficient gear items that could assist you in combat : Berserker Ring, Seers Ring, Archers Ring, Abyssal Whip, Salve Amulet, Warrior Rings, Void Knight Set, Ardougne Cloak, Anti Fire Shield, Proselyte Armour, God Book, Granite Maul, Amulet of Fury and more. Be sure to pack potions such as super magic and super ranging melee. If you've stumbled across the nightmare zone to rise your experience on afk training this section is perfect for you. For the first time, go to one of the corners of the dream so some of the bosses cannot touch you (remember that you only need melee bosses in order to buy OSRS gold make it work).

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