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Oprettet 16. November 2021 kl. 01:37
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RuneScape - You can board from the deck by crossing a plank

Now for the mini-game. I haven't decided on a name for RuneScape gold the mini-game at this point, so I'll look into ideas. This is a very risky mini-game. It is NOT an area for MULTI-COMBAT! For example 3 ships are being carried by you. One of your ships is armed. It can only be engaged by one of your ships. The other two ships won't be able to fire on it it or engage in any other manner. Your crew, you , and your boat may end up at the bottom of the ocean therefore be ready. What happens is you roam the ocean searching for ships to take out. Your weaponry will be bows and arrows, dwarf cannons, catapults, mage, and you can even invite other players to join you aboard your vessel to assist you. Teleporting out is not possible. When you see another ship you engage it. If you sink it you may have your crew search for its loot. Imager36 raised a valid point about boarding enemies ships. You can board an enemy ship if you have crewmembers and other players aboard your vessel. You'll need greater agility based the area you board. You can board from the deck by crossing a plank which will give you 10 Agility. A rope could be used to board 40 Agility. Or you can sneak below the deck and walk through the cannon's space using an '70 Agility' rope. If you embark on the enemy ship, you can die. Now, you can Melt other players on an enemy ship. You are able to kill all players on the ship. NPCs aren't able to be attacked. The stern of each boat has a forfeit button. This permits the boat and crew to be returned to the mainland, along with their belongings. Items and supplies are among the items dropped by players onto the boat. Redmonke suggested that the skill requires a cape. I thought it would show a picture of a cape with an sailor and a boat behind. The phrase could be: You try to get into a miniature ship and start sailing on the land. It's just an idea, but it would be pretty amusing. Girfaniam recommended Fishing Boats. I'm adding to cheap RS gold his suggestion.

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