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Oprettet 22. September 2021 kl. 02:23
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The LED light source is anti-glare

The LED light source is anti-glare, no line of sight interference, high brightness, long life, and the price of the LED light source is still low, so the LED light source is widely used in street lights. In response to this series of specific factors, If there is a continuous 7-15 days of rainy weather in the local area, or a certain area is blocked when solar lights are used, it will reduce its lighting time and illuminance.

For the current development of LED street lamps, only further strengthening of the market management of LED street lamps can achieve the rapid development of LED street lamps in the lighting industry . Faced with the huge business opportunities that erupt, LED street lighting companies can only realize the rapid development of LED street lighting in the lighting industry by seizing strategic opportunities in a timely manner, making up for led floodlight Manufacturers shortcomings, building their core competitiveness, and seizing the right to speak in market competition.

The victory obtained by low-price competition alone is temporary..For the current development of the traditional lighting market, with the further implementation of the plan to eliminate incandescent lamps, LED street lighting is expected to achieve further high-quality development in the future development process. In terms of how much a set of LED street lights will cost in 2018, large companies will further use capital power to expand their scale of operations to reduce costs, while the pressure of small and medium-sized enterprises to survive will continue to increase, and the difficult-to-profit market will continue.

Facing the further upgrading and reformation of the current lighting industry, for the current LED development, only companies with real technological innovation strength, resource integration and service capabilities can achieve a good transformation of LED street lights in the lighting industry.

the domestic related LED product design standards and usage standards have been gradually improved, the connection and mutual recognition of national standards and landmarks have also been gradually improved. In the current development of LED street lighting, the competition between traditional lighting companies and emerging LED lighting companies for channel resources and brand building will be further intensified

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