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Oprettet 19. September 2021 kl. 01:23
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Team of the Season is rolling out across FIFA 21

This includes the much-anticipated first home qualifier for FIFA 22 Coins Canada at Nashville SC's Nissan Stadium on September 5, followed by a meeting with Jamaica at Austin FC’s Q2 Stadium one month later. Also, there's the crucial home match against Mexico at FC Cincinnati's TQL Stadium in November. In the days before the most significant promotion of the year, Team of the Season (TOTS), EA SPORTS banned over 10,000 FIFA Mobile players. The developers allege players were found cheating in AI matches.Team of the Season is rolling out across FIFA 21, and that includes Mobile.The Community TOTS campaign on mobile games will start on April 29 ?-- using the same players as in the traditional console and PC versions However, some players will miss out on the promotion entirely.EA SPORTS has announced on the 28th of April that they had banned more than 10,000 players from cheating, just prior to when the promotion was meant to drop. The bans will stay in effect for three weeks. Participants caught up in this ban wave won't be promoted and will get one more chance to boost their teams before the season ends. "We've temporarily suspended more than 10,000 players that have cheated during PvE/AI games," they said in the statement.Exactly the methods they used was not disclosed. According to EA's rules "cheating can include but isn't restricted to employing external tools, carrying out inside-game exploits, or exploiting glitches or bugs. "Games are most effective when all players are able to play on an equal playing field. Hacking, phishing , and cheating are all methods to disrupt the game experience and alter the game balance. Totes Promotion will include teams that can be upgraded of La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and buy FUT 22 Coins many other clubs. These cards are often the most powerful in the FIFA game's entire life.

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