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Oprettet 27. July 2021 kl. 04:41
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It's up to you to learn how to walk the fish

If you have a pole, it's up to you to learn how to walk the fish, and if you can't use it, you can use the rope. Walk the fish. Don't be anxious, there is still some time to gather the fish, protect the fish and prepare the dip net; If you hit the shore, quickly close the line; if you turn around and fight back, give the line. After choosing a fishing position, make a nest after determining the fishing spot. Homemade bait is more cost-effective to use China Shrinkable Tube together. Fresh The grain raw materials for fishing bait and bait, pellet feed must maintain the natural fragrance and freshness of the grain; fish meal, silkworm pupa meal, honey, etc.

It is estimated that it is a bit difficult to simply use bait now, after all, many reservoirs are fertile water to raise fish! Hand-rolled fishing feels that commercial bait has a better effect; if you throw a rod, it is a commercial bait because of the large amount. If the reservoir is filled with chemical fertilizers, or lime-disinfected, or fished, I am afraid it will have to wait a week later. Suitable environment Carp fishing in May, cloudy, rainy or windy days are good; among them, sunny days are better.

Dissolution The bait must have dispersibility to attract the fish well, and the dissolution of carp bait is a little slower. From May to June, I used to use carp bait (actually, carp, grass carp and crucian carp are also good): Tongwei feed 101 is made with boiling water for one catty, a little soy flour (fried), oily flour (it doesn't matter), the amount of bran, a spoonful of honey, mix well, and a small bottle of white wine.

The nest is simple: 101 fodder, broken white rice, and wheat berries will do. Carp fishing must be steady and not too fast or too fast. Such as piling, don't pull it hard, just flick the tight fishing line with your hands; it's really impossible, try throwing a few rocks at it. Fishing and lure in one The carp is cunning and timid by nature, so it must be integrated to make it bait at ease. Correct judgment

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