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Oprettet 26. February 2021 kl. 03:29
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It is known that Egyptians used senna tea to relieve

It is known that Egyptians used senna tea to relieve constipation. This tea is used for medium conditions of constipation. It is the chemicals anthraquinones that provide its strong action on your colon walls. It is readily available in health food stores or on the Internet. Only use senna for a short time, 1- 1 week. It is not healthy to use it for a long time, since its action moves fecal matter through your colon quickly. This quick action prevents absorption of nutrients by your colon depriving you of necessary minerals and vitamins. Use senna only in amounts that produce the required bowel movement and stool softness to relieve your constipation. Start with small amounts and increase your amount slowly. Senna is sold Over-the-Counter under the name Correctol, ExLax, Senokot, and Smooth Move. Senokot also contain docusate sodium - a stool softener - an added benefit when hard, dry stools may cause discomfort. Senna Tea with Potato peels You can also prepare senna tea as follows: Buy some senna tea at a health food. Place a tea bag into 1 cups of distilled water and steep. Then, add the peel of a whole red potato. Also, add a couple slices of potato meat. Add to this, a teaspoon of wheat or oat bran and flax seed. Simmer this combination, CPET oven tray strain it and drink the liquid. This will give constipation relief for some of the more difficult cases of constipation. Remember the longer you simmer this combination the stronger the tea will be. Start with a 5-10 minutes and then work up to 15-20 minutes but you need to experiment with the time. When you drink senna tea, drink only 2-3 oz. at a time and drink it only after it has cooled down. It has less of a cramping action when you drink it cool. Senna Tea with Peppermint Here is another senna tea you can prepare. 1 teaspoon of senna tea leaves teaspoon of peppermint leaves. Boil 8 oz of distilled water, turn the heat off, stir in the herbs. Turn the heat off and cover the glass container. Let tea simmer for 3-10 minutes. Add honey to improve taste and some powered vitamin C if you have it. Look for formulas that have a small amount, 1/10 of a part, of fennel, anise, or ginger to reduce any cramping that might occur with senna. Do not drink seena tea or capsule if you have any type of colon disease, stomach pain, diarrhea, or are pregnant. Senna Pod Tea with Prunes. Senna Pods are milder than the leaves since the do not contain the resin. It is the resin in the senna leaves that causes griping in your colon. If available, use around 8 pods. Heat some distilled water. Place the pods into the water for 5-10 minutes. Strain the tea and add 3-4 dried prunes or chopped prunes. Let cool and eat the prunes during the day or drink and eat a few prunes just before you go to bed. Drink only a couple ounces of the senna liquid at one time. If cramping or griping occurs, reduce the amount of tea you drink. There you have it. You can get constipation relief with senna herb by using it in different ways.

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