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Oprettet 24. February 2021 kl. 08:06
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Congratulated the establishment of the alliance

Section Chief of the Highlight LED Street Light and Technology and Information Bureau of Huadu District, read out the approval document for the establishment of the alliance at the meeting, congratulated the establishment of the alliance, and expressed that the government will strongly support the work of the alliance, and hope that the alliance will carry out research and technical services on the LED industry in

Huadu District as soon as possible Activities provide support for LED industry policy decisions, provide technical and talent support for enterprise product application promotion, industry-university-research cooperation, etc. 16 LED companies in Huadu District, as the sponsors of the alliance, held an inaugural meeting at the Science and Technology and Information Technology Bureau of Huadu District. It has considerable advantages in the packaging and application of the LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province, and the overall industry strength is relatively strong. University Semiconductor

The lighting system research center, Hongli Optoelectronics  promote exchanges and cooperation among members, and make Huadu District's semiconductor lighting industry bigger and stronger. In order to better rely on government departments and enterprise clusters in Huadu District, we will vigorously carry out industry-university-research cooperation to further improve product levels and independent innovation and R\u0026D capabilities of enterprises to cope with the current increasingly fierce market competition and promote industrial development.

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