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Oprettet 22. February 2021 kl. 02:34
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You'll still just be cannon fodder for RuneScape

How long will 99 fletching take? How much does it cost? Just how long can it take to RuneScape gold acquire a staff and a cape from the mage arena. Is it effortless to get piety? Should I do the pursuit which gets me the vacant prayer book? People state to take 200 candies to jad but they're 10K each. How can you manage that? With flasks and everything, what will my inv. And equipment be for jad. How much profit is it/barrows run? Are there some critters that I could camp on? Would you give me an actual time to how long every pursuit will take. When I typed a query two times, please ignore it since I typed this over the course of around a week. If a query is stupid/can be replied w/ google/wiki then just put X then question. You are able to answer with like 1 word. I just want answers. Oh and it'll keep me hopeful that after 11 months of f2p, comes 1 month p2p. Otherwise, f2p is so dull it makes you want to die. Really depends on in the event that you use a guide or not and if you screw up - I always end up forgetting 1 thing and quests end up carrying me a bajillion hours. Dragon defenders are somewhat simple to acquire:-RRB- 15 minutes if you are lucky. 15 minutes if you currently have tokens and therefore are lucky maybe. I would say you're more likely considering about a few hours, probably more. Ghost's ahoy and Fremmenik Trials are somewhat longer but neither of these are extremely lengthy. Training and Slaying equipment ought to be basically the same and depends upon what you are fighting. Castle Wars probably does not matter much, best atk bonus for whatever style you choose. Chances are though you'll still just be cannon fodder for those 138s if they opt to play. I am 115 combat and the best I can do is potentially slow the hardcore players for a few seconds. Soul wars, does not matter at all. Range weapon maybe to maintain up activity but if you're on the crowded worlds it doesn't matter what you do so long as you hit something after every few minutes. It'll be the barragers, chinners and 138s using 99 slay which will rule the day. I personally would just ignore soul wars all together. Barrows, read a manual. Figure out your method and adjust your equipment according to buy OSRS gold what it urges.

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