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Oprettet 21. January 2021 kl. 06:52
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The original duty car operator looks at the car and cleans it

No roving will be changed during the car check-in process, while the less skilled car clerk or male worker is responsible for transporting the roving and disassembling the trailer after training. Technological innovation is the key to the leap-forward development of China's textile industry and the driving force behind the progress of textile enterprises. The draft cleaning of combing and drawing processes was changed from once every 2 hours to once every doffing., Ltd. Set up a full-time roving hang-up team, rationalize the division of labor,

clarify the detailed work responsibilities, reduce the burden on the spinning staff, and increase the stand, the operation technology is more professional and singular, and the focus is more concentrated. Freed from the middle, the person responsible for cleaning is dedicated, the work content is specific and standardized, and the cleaning pass rate is increased to more than 98%.

The improvement of this method of operation has reduced the labor intensity of the on-duty workers, and the stands of roving on-duty workers have increased from 2 to 4 stands. After this operation method is promoted, the labor force is reduced by more than 30%. It is changed to a person who inspects and repairs the entire cloth. There are about 2,500 contract workers.1 Implementation of special operation method of spinning, roving, combing and other processes

The original duty car operator looks at the car and cleans it, instead of setting up a full-time cleaner and special duty car worker to watch the car.2 Improve the cleaning schedule To ensure product quality, the cleaning schedule of each process has been improved. From 10 Magnolia Polyester Yarn units below to more than 20 units, the instantaneous broken head is reduced from 2-4 pieces/unit to within 1 unit/unit, which improves the output and production efficiency.

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