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Oprettet 21. January 2021 kl. 01:03
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The development trend of quilting technology

The development trend of quilting technology The market for computerized quilting machines is still expanding.1 Elementary quilting process What is quilting first? According to the explanation given in 'Cihai', quilting is to sew interlayer textiles with long needles to fix the cotton batting inside.

In the system control software, in view of the inherent nature of software defects and the complexity of the error environment, a series of preventive measures have been taken in the software design, and various actuators have been monitored in real time during the quilting process to prevent interference Misoperation caused by other factors improves the reliability of the system. Compared with other similar computerized quilting control systems and complete machine products that use AC servo motors or reactive stepping motors, Fu Yee products are particularly power-saving. Introduction of quilting control technology 2. It is optimized in accordance with international design practices and the specific requirements of computer quilting machines. . Feature.

In the spindle system control technology, according to the actual spindle load, belt drive principle, quilting needle speed and quilting stitch and many other parameter requirements, the spindle drive motor is selected reasonably, the spindle acceleration is calculated, and the spindle drive command variable speed control is optimized. Quilting enhances the practicality and beauty of quilting with its rich changes, creating a comfortable and warm living space for people. With more than 40 functions in 5 categories, including parameter setting and pattern management, it satisfies the needs of many quilting processing companies for various multi-needle shuttle quilting machines, multi-needle shuttleless quilting machines, multi-needle rotary shuttle quilting machines and The single-head rotary hook quilting machine has an urgent need for new machine adaptation, old machine transformation and quilting processing.

Now they have extended to Simmons, sofa fabrics, handbags, bags, shoes and hats, clothing and other products. Because these two methods have their own shortcomings, they have been gradually replaced by more advanced computer quilting production technology.T-shirt Series Embroidery Machine The shortcomings of the processing method adopted by thousands of households are low output, poor pattern consistency, and complicated operation process.

In the overall system hardware and structure, optimize the design of the system circuit diagram according to the system performance and functional indicators, carefully carry out the system's industrial environment resistance design, system performance and work stability design and system safety design and other technical measures, strictly adopt the yuan Device control and derating design methods, reasonable selection of computer chips, various components and integrated circuit chips, to achieve the required functional units with the best price and highest reliability.

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