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Oprettet 2. December 2020 kl. 02:45
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Master is receiving treatment in the hospital

In order to find out the reason, the workers decided to call the police for help.Yesterday afternoon, with the sound of 'Oh', Master Lin, who was working, fell to the ground and fainted. At 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Master Lin and his workers were working in a community near the intersection of Wuzhong West Road and Fuyun Road. At that time, he was standing under a residential building, and suddenly something fell from the sky. Currently,

Master Lin is receiving treatment in the hospital. When it hit him on the head, Master Lin's blood flowed on the spot, and he fell to the ground unconscious. According to the workers, the faucet that hit Master Lin was a faucet with blood stains on it, but everyone did not know where the faucet China flexible hoses Company came from and why it fell from above. The workers ran to check and found that there was an additional tap next to him with blood stains on it. After the workers heard the call and found out, they took him to the hospital.

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