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Oprettet 26. November 2020 kl. 06:07
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I logged into Runescape yesterday

Sir Bedivere - Slash, Drains Strength, Sir Pelleas - Slash, Drains Defence, Sir Tristram - Stab, Drains Power (use your DDS specs here), Sir Palomedes - Crush, Drains Strike (simply use a whip and RuneScape gold hope, its not really worth the stock space to get a crush weapon), Sir Lucan - Slash, Drains Defense, Sir Gawain - Slash and Stab (use whip), Drains Attack. Sir Kay - Crush (Use whip for reasons mentioned above), Drains Defense, if performed battling him drink a super set and heal fully, you'll need it against lancealot. Sir Lancelot - Slash, Drains Power AND Defense, utilize your DDS specs as they ought to have recharged and observe your health and stats with this one. I want to be sure I have the best stuff. There are a number of items that aren't questionable is the best, but then there are many others were it might not be, thats where you come in. I'm gonna go through them all. Helm of nietiznot. However, the str bonus is exactly what I'm most curious about. But This is the principal item I'm not sure of. Fire cape. Enough said, its the ideal. Fury ammy. Its the very best. Whip. Folks have argued here, Unless its anything new a Whip is better compared to a GS. Its all in the ratio, so I could hit 3x45 with a whip while 2x55ish with a GS. Its common sense. Rune def.I love the assault bonus +19, you can't go wrong and it's the +5 str. Ya, If you know of something better allow me to know. Dragon boots... BEST? Bezerker ring... BEST? Let me know wher ei can approve, cash is not a problem, simply require the very best Str bonus and I know str ammy has more str bonus. However, Fury just kicked too much butt. So I logged into Runescape yesterday and was immediately attacked with just 16 wellness and all my money (303k) in my inventory. Initially, I fell in love with woodcutting and spent non-stop . That love interpreted to fletching, and because I favor the range type classes in most games, the entire fletching vibe was quite neat. Recently however, after taking a nine-month break from Runescape, I have grown to like fishing, and consequently cooking. So my plan is to take among the amassing skills (Fishing or Woodcutting), getting that to 99, and then use all of the resources from attaining this to reach level 99 in its associated skill (Cooking or Flething). The area where I need input/advice is where combination is generally favored, concerning pleasure, time, moneymaking, and cheap OSRS gold the overall experience that is better.

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