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Oprettet 25. November 2020 kl. 02:45
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Improve the design of the pouring system

Improve the design of the pouring system. No organic impurities should be mixed into the mold (core) sand to reduce the amount of air generated by the molding material. Prevention method: 1. Correctly grasp the pouring speed to avoid getting involved in gas. The slag in the alloy liquid is not cleaned up.The fractures are mostly grayish white or yellow. 4.The common oxidized slag inclusions in aluminum casting are mostly distributed on the upper surface of the casting, and at the corners of the mold where no air flow.

The causes can also be found during alkali washing, pickling or anodization:They are found by X-ray fluoroscopy or mechanical processing. 5. Correct selection and treatment of cold iron. Pouring system Poor design 3. Improper pouring operation brings in slag. Improve the exhaust capacity of the (core) sand. The charge is not clean, and the amount of recharge material is too much 2. The standing time is not enough after refining and metamorphism. 4. Features of three shrinkage defects: Shrinkage porosity of aluminum castings generally occurs at the thick and large part of the root of the fly riser near the inner runner, the thickness of the wall and the thin wall with a large plane.

It is lighter, and its product material recovery rate is high, it is considered as a kind of 'green material' with more development and development prospects.. It is a new molding process with almost no margin. Therefore, the casting has no fly Edge, burr and supermodel Aluminum alloy parts of engine Manufacturers slope, high dimensional accuracy; simple process, high production efficiency; clean production, low labor intensity of workers, low technical proficiency requirements; large degree of freedom in part design; low investment and low cost; but relatively preparation for production complex. Due to the light weight and excellent properties of aluminum and magnesium alloys, they are generally valued by various countries, especially magnesium alloys are among the metals. Get the casting The method.

The casting technology is to use a forming machine to obtain a foamed plastic model of the part shape (instead of a mold for modeling', then apply refractory coating and dry, then put it in a sand box to fill sand, and directly pour liquid metal to burn the plastic model. It does not need to take the mold, has no parting surface, no sand core, and reduces the dimensional error caused by core combination and molding.There is a more demanding need to reduce the weight of products to reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution

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