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Oprettet 25. November 2020 kl. 01:25
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Does a hair dryer dry your hair?

If the hair is dry, it is recommended to carry the no-wash hair care essence with you. Does a hair dryer dry your hair? Everyone knows that a hair dryer can dry your hair quickly. It is convenient for our lives. If you blow it backwards, it will open the hair scales. But it should be noted that do not blow the hair tips first. Dry hair can be improved from the following aspects:The water penetrating from the hair roots will make you useless. Tips for blowing hair: For long hair, use a full-mouth technique, and for short hair or near the root of the hair, use a half-mouth technique.

When blowing the hair, we need to move the hair with our hands. Before blowing the hair, we should guess that the hair is relatively dry and then use the hair dryer for treatment.Many people have heard that you can’t use hair dryers frequently, and you can’t use hair dryers with too much power, otherwise it will damage your hair, make your hair worse and dry, is this true? Does it hurt hair? Hurry up and explore together. To the lowest. We should not use the hair dryer to blow on a certain part for a long time, which will damage the scalp and hair roots and cause the hair to become yellow and fall off.

You can apply some disposable conditioner and other products on the hair, so that the hot air at high temperature will blow on the surface of the hair and will not make the hair too dry and yellow. After all, wet hair is not suitable for going out or sleeping, but some people have found that although the hair can be dried quickly after using the blower, the flat iron hair will become dry and frizzy.Frequent massage of the head is beneficial to blood circulation in the head and improvement of hair quality.

Apply some care products to the hair before blowing. This allows you to keep your hair smooth. In order to make the heat evenly, we have to use our hands to move the hair to spread the hair, and the hot air can blow evenly to the surface of the hair and take it away Moisture helps dry hair from the inside out. Be careful not to let the hot air stay on the hair for too long; also, the scales of wet hair are open Yes, blowing in the direction of hair growth will close the hair scales.

When blowing the air, keep a distance of about 10 cm between the air outlet and the hair. Dry the hair roots and then blow the tips, or let the hair tips air dry naturally to reduce the damage of the hair dryer. Do not blow the hot air from the hair dryer on the part for a long time, which will quickly evaporate the moisture on the surface of the hair. These are caused by improper use of the hair dryer.At the same time, use your fingers to smooth the hair while blowing. Also, the hair dryer should not be blown against the scalp, and should be kept at a distance of 30 cm. When shampooing in daily life, pay attention to the use of conditioners and repair products

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