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Oprettet 23. November 2020 kl. 05:38
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Containers of this material are less used for packaging food

If the container is broken or damaged, it is recommended to stop using it, because if the surface of the plastic product has fine pits, it is easy to harbor bacteria. And it cannot be used to carry strong acids (such as orange juice) and strong alkaline substances, because it will decompose polystyrene, which is not good for the human body, and is easy to cause cancer. 3' PVC: It is seldom used for food packaging at present.Do not clean the kettle with a dishwasher or a dishwasher. There are numbers from 1 to 7 in the triangle. 1 plastic, it may release the carcinogen DEHP, which is toxic to the testis. Will leave some plastic preparations that the human body cannot decompose.

They are made of different materials, and there are also different contraindications. If your kettle has the number 7, the following methods can reduce the risk: Do not heat it during use. 7' PC other categories: water bottle, water cup, feeding bottle PC glue meets heat release bisphenol A Use: a material that is used in large quantities, especially in feeding bottles, because it contains bisphenol A and is controversial.. However, if a small amount of bisphenol A is not converted into the plastic structure of PC, it may be released into food or drink. do not wrap it on the surface of food and use it in the microwave oven: it is not very heat resistant.

Special attention should be paid to some microwave lunch boxes. 4' LDPE: Cling film, plastic film, etc. Therefore, throw away the beverage bottle when it is used up, and don't use it as a water cup, or as a storage container to carry other items, so as not to cause health problems. To be safe, remove the lid before placing the container in the microwave.'No. Generally, qualified PE cling film will melt when the temperature exceeds 110 ℃. China Kitchen Storage Cabinets Manufacturers Use: The only plastic box that can be put in the microwave, can be reused after careful cleaning.Cleaning measures against bisphenol AThe higher the temperature, the more release and the faster the bisphenol A remaining in PC.

At present, containers of this material are less used for packaging food. The full English names are polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyvinyl chloride. The original cleaning supplies remain and become a breeding ground for bacteria.Avoid repeated use of aging plastic appliances. In addition, scientists have discovered that PET plastic products may release carcinogen DEHP after 10 months of use, which is toxic to the testis.

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