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Oprettet 27. October 2020 kl. 04:16
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Direction facing the computer screen to provide ambient lighting

The measurement of luminosity, chromaticity and other indicators is an indispensable part of lighting design. As for the placement height, the average eye height can be calculated based on the average height of people. For example, the Lighting Passport produced by Asensitek adds ';Circadian Stimulus'; (Circadian Stimulus, CS) and ';Equivalent Melanopic Lux, EML' to its spectral analysis function.

This article does some superficial introduction to this topic. First of all, it must be emphasized that our measurement tools and software are constantly updated. Calculation function. (Author: Tan Jianchuan). These updates allow users to obtain more functions and provide customers with more information, so it is important to keep updated.1 after dusk. For the CS parameter, the basic design requirements are as follows: keep CS>0. In this era of advocating human-centered lighting, it is even more necessary to add the measurement of human-centered parameters in the design process.

Because we must be clear that although light irradiated on the skin will have an impact on human functions (for example, sun exposure on the skin will prompt the human body to produce vitamin D), only the light entering the human eye will affect the human body's circadian rhythm. Here we mainly talk about the update of photometers most frequently used in lighting design. It should be noted that when we are measuring CS and EML, it is not appropriate high bay lights factory to only measure the CS and EML values ​​on a horizontal surface such as the ground or desktop. By using a photometer, we can evaluate the impact of many light sources on the human body, such as LED lamps, mobile phones, tablet computers, and televisions.

Finally, I give a small suggestion.3 during people's daytime activities, and keep CS<0. For those who use the computer for a long time, you can install an LED light that can adjust the color temperature and brightness but does not directly illuminate the face in the direction facing the computer screen to provide ambient lighting, so that it will not produce Glare can help maintain the body's normal circadian rhythm

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