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Oprettet 24. October 2020 kl. 09:32
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[They will put their full focus on next gen for certain after 2k21

I'd honestly begin saving for next gen today, do not have to Nba 2k21 Mt take action at launch but sometime a year ago. Trust me you will want to. If anything you may have the ability to finesse somebody by selling your existing console to get a decent cost, from that point you can save. This only my opinion, you do you. Probably not however the game will legit be a copy and paste probably every year following 21 on present gen. They will put their full focus on next gen for certain after 2k21. When you look at ps3/360 edition of 2ks following the first year of ps4/xbox one, it was legit the same game. I'm assuming it will be similar to 2k17 in 17 it had been about the PS4 and Xbox 1 however I possessed it on Xbox360 so it was still made for the system, but they eliminated lots of the manners and it was not exactly the same it was essentially just my league and mycareer games no Park therefore 2k22 will most likely be on ps4 but eliminate many main features such as the story.it depends the number of people going to get a ps5, and how many will stick to their own ps4. I'm not gonna purchase ps5, so I wonder why parks will kind of die on current gen following ps5 comes out, because I feel like majority of people will upgrade their consoles. And that I play EU, which probably has even less population in parks than NA servers.I got the current-gen 2k21 and that is it. I do not plan on upgrading my games either until the first price drop or sale. How I view it, we're a year out from 2k22, next-gen 2k21 is legit only going to get half a year of conduct before that. And I feel a lot of individuals aren't innovators when it comes to technology adoption, it is a hefty price and there is hardly gonna be any new games on it. People are gonna wait it like constantly. It will not be dead imo.I'd say get this one in case you aren't gonna update, and revel in playing park or particularly myteam. Cause if you are worried about the park dying you do not wish to remain on 20 lol. I'm far to much of a casual player to bother with the upgrade till next year in that price . I really only play MyGM and MyLeague anyway.I'm subscribed to some match rental agency however, and one that as long as you pay has no limits on how long you may keep a game. If I do manage to discover a PS5 - which I assume won't be simple - I may let it till 2K22 comes out.I'm not buying a sports match double though when all other franchises are permitting a free update. As predicted, the new shooting mechanic has become the talk on the very first official day of launch for Buy mt nba 2k21. In a word, many consumers find making shots always to be: difficult.

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