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Oprettet 23. October 2020 kl. 07:08
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The makeup needs of different consumers on different occasions

First of all, it is unique in color, with four different styles of cherry pink sweetheart, pink gold party mania, sweet orange ghost horse essence, warm tea Lolita, to meet the makeup needs of different consumers on different occasions. Before the upgrade, this product had created a retail sales of 61.


As long as it is applied to airless pump bottles factory the eyelids, it is difficult for flies to get close. Another new semi-sweet three-color blush has multiple effects such as highlight, blush and eye shadow.. It is definitely high makeup Playing with beloved love. We still don’t know what the current sales performance of this rogue rabbit limited product is in the terminal, but a set of data may be able to prove its popularity from the side. Trend secrets of trendy brand cosmetics. A good eye shadow naturally needs a good blush. It seems to be an accidental event, and it is undoubtedly inevitable in line with market trends. When we describe a person's eyes as beautiful, what do we often use to describe it?-'

There are stars in the eyes'. It was upgraded from the first generation of Xuerongsirun by Kevlar. Today, after 12000, eye shadow has long become the most promising emerging category in the makeup category.6% year-on-year, the highest growth rate in the cosmetics category.

Looking at the products of Kevlar in recent years, from W9 Meitu makeup cream to five crown king small fresh powder cushion, and then to the Mofang series lipstick and its upgraded version of Mofang Xuerong lipstick, which was launched in April last year, to the ancestor of Internet celebrity Rogue Rabbit Together to create a limited number of IP star products, almost every one in the terminal market has not disappointed. Among them, the trendy dazzling color blush with the main personality is a highly impactful monochrome blush. For this reason, Kevlar has specially launched two new blushes with their own characteristics, one with personality and one with convenience, to meet the diverse needs of different consumers.

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