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Oprettet 9. October 2020 kl. 07:47
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The ultimate solubility of phosphorus in tin bronze

Therefore, the phosphorus content in the wrought tin bronze should not be greater than 0. It is prone to hot brittleness during hot rolling and can only be made cold.15%. When it is too much, it will form a+δ+Cu3P ternary eutectic, with a melting point of 628℃.3 alloy is used to process various pipes in pressure gauges, as sensitive components, and is called pressure gauge bronze.com will introduce to us below.What kind of copper alloy is tin phosphor bronze?

What kind of nature does he have? What are the applications? The editor of Copper Yingcai. Phosphorus is an excellent deoxidizer for copper alloys.25% during hot production.. The strength, elastic modulus and fatigue strength of fine-grained materials are higher than those of coarse-grained materials, but the plasticity is lower. Tin × QSn6.50.5-O.1 alloy is mainly used to make elastic components, especially spring touch pads with good electrical conductivity, wear-resistant parts and diamagnetic components in instruments and meters; Qsn6. During production, it is necessary to control the grain size before cold production and low temperature annealing after production.

Phosphorus-containing tin bronze is a well-known elastic material. A total of 4 grades of phosphorous tin bronze have been included in our national standards. It can be added to the fluidity of the alloy to improve the technical and mechanical functions of tin bronze, but to increase the degree of reverse segregation. 4Alloy is mainly used in papermaking, chemical and food industries to make metal meshes, and also used to make wear-resistant and spring-loaded parts;

QSn70.2 alloy is used to accept conflicting parts under medium load and sliding speed, such as bearings, shafts Copper strip for disconnect connection Sleeves, turbines, etc. The ultimate solubility of phosphorus in tin bronze is 0. Cold-worked materials undergo low-temperature annealing at 200-260°C for 1 to 2 hours to produce an annealing hardening effect, which can further improve the strength, plasticity, elastic limit and elastic modulus of the product, and add elastic stability.5%, and the phosphorus should be less than 0., can also be used to make elastic components and other mechanical and electrical parts; QSn40

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