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Oprettet 23. September 2020 kl. 10:38
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Some car owners ingeniously coated the bolts and nuts with lubricant

Many novice drivers often make many unobvious but dangerous mistakes when they do maintenance on their cars. When the car is driving at high speed, the bolts and nuts are easy to loosen and become detached, which may cause driving accidents. Wash the car directly with water Many people wash their cars by themselves in summer.

This is undesirable, let’s talk about 4 common mistakes. The correct method should be to wipe with a damp cloth dipped in detergent to avoid accumulation of water. Especially in cars with better airtightness. So there is no need to step on the accelerator, let alone slam continuously before starting, otherwise the engine will start badly.. Step on the accelerator before starting  It is the driving habit of many drivers and friends to step on the accelerator before starting, especially in cold winter, this starting method is not suitable for EFI cars. This approach is not only wrong, but also brings great hidden dangers to driving safety. After washing with water, it either deposits in the groove and is not easy to dry, or flows from the through hole to the gearbox and other parts to produce rust.

The engine with electronic control fuel injection device is different from the ordinary carburetor engine, and its fuel injection control device can automatically increase the fuel supply when the cold car starts. Because the chemical properties of different brands of coolant may be very different, and the preservatives used in different brands of coolant are also different, they cannot be mixed.

Lubricate wheel bolts and nuts In order to prevent the bolts and nuts on the wheels from rusting, some car owners ingeniously coated the bolts and nuts with lubricant. They Nonferrous casting foundry are often washed directly with water. After the bolts and nuts are tightened, they have self-locking characteristics, and the friction force decreases after being coated with lubricating oil.

But the inside of the car body should not be washed directly with water, because there is not nothing under the floor mats in the car, but there are many grooves and through holes. Mixing of different brands of coolants Everyone knows that the engine coolant should be added in time when the engine coolant is insufficient, but have you mixed coolants of different brands for use? If it is, then the editor, but you should let go of the coolant and add the same brand of coolant again

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