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Oprettet 5. August 2020 kl. 08:41
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The cleaning fluid also has a great impact on the effect

O-ring seals are being widely used in rotary motion sealing devices due to their small size, simple structure, low cost, good process performance, and wide application range. This property of changing the contact state of the O-ring seal by the pressure of the medium itself to achieve sealing is called self-sealing. In theory, even if the compression deformation is zero, it can be sealed under oil pressure, but in fact, the O-ring may be eccentric when installed. However, when the reciprocating axis is pulled out, the liquid film on the shaft is pulled out together with the shaft. At this time, the contact pressure on the coupling surface of the seal pair rises to Pm: Pm=Po+Pp where Pp——the contact pressure transmitted to the contact surface through the O-ring (0. 1. In any type of application, it must be used according to the rated data or capacity of the seal, and it must be properly assembled to obtain satisfactory performance. Seals for rotary motion In rotary motion seals, oil seals and mechanical seals are usually used

The laser intensity in the marking area is uneven; c. 3. The laser printing lines of the laser marking machine are dashed lines: ① Whether the signal line is well connected and whether there is a false welding; ② Whether there is a problem with the connecting line between the vibrating lens drive board and the motor; ③

The cleaning tank is a limited space, when the ultrasonic wave propagates from the sound source to the liquid surface. Other factors that affect the effect of ultrasonic cleaning: the flow speed of the cleaning fluid also has a great impact on the effect of ultrasonic cleaning. To reduce the influence of standing waves, sometimes the cleaning tank is specially made into an irregular shape to avoid the formation of standing waves.

The characteristic of standing 62 Series Ball Bearings is that the sound pressure is the smallest in some places in the liquid space, and the sound pressure is the largest in other places. The influence of standing waves. Therefore, detergents with high vapor pressure and high viscosity are not conducive to ultrasonic cleaning.

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Long life motor bearing for air condition

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