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Oprettet 12. July 2017 kl. 10:03
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It holds my stomach in, to say the least. I'm able to breathe, but just about. What it does do, very effectively, is to make me eat less. I have longgown dress been wearing this corset for months. The wildcard however, is what christmas costume will happen once I stop wearing this corset. Will my waist bounce outward like an elastic rubber band? Or will I have to wear this waist-cincher forever? That would be a tad difficult to bear. In testimonials on Orchard Corset’s website, women corset skirts sets claim to have reduced their waist size by several inches thanks to wearing a corset for 12-18 hours a day, including while sleeping. You don’t wear a corset while underbust corset exercising because bending becomes difficult. The floating ribs ostensibly go in and you get an good waist-to-hip ratio, causing all men in the vicinity to take a measure of your figure.

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It holds my stomach in, to say the least. I'm able to br...