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Oprettet 12. January 2018 kl. 03:28
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Video Recording Technology Plays an Important Role in Ball Mill Research

The Ore Milling Equipment drives the medium group in rotation when the ball mill operates. During the process, media will collide with neighboring media as well as the inside of the cylinder. The collision decides the movement law of media in the cylinder. The complex interaction between adjoining media makes it harder to know about the characteristics of collision. The research on media movement also becomes harder due to the above reason. Therefore, ideal goal cannot be achieved. With the application of DEM in engineering field, media movement modeling during the process of grinding also adopts the theory.

Scholars from abroad calculate the movement state of media and carry out simulation analysis with the method of element discretization. Consequently, mathematical model is built. In addition, discrete element software is analogized. The model can stimulate the movement of media in industrial mill. The result deduced approximates measured value by experiment. At present, bio-dimension and tri-dimension DEM are available. The modern video recording technology witnesses wider and wider application. The research on media movement law in ball mill also employs the theory. Likewise, due to the complexity of the effect on media movement by ball mill parameters, the theoretical movement has certain deviation from the actual condition. The application of such a technology makes research conform to real grinding process. The research result will be more precise. The modern video recording technology includes two dimension movement and follow-up study on media spatial movement.

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