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Oprettet 11. January 2018 kl. 03:02
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The Application of Rotary Kiln in Cement Production

The application of Ore Milling Equipment from the production of cement. The invention of rotary kiln speed up the development of cement industry and soon to be widely used in many industrial fields, especially in cement industry. Rotary kiln is the heart of cement plant, which facilitates the optimization and adjustment on cement industry structure.

Main Sorts of Cement Rotary Kiln

At present, the cement kiln generally has two kinds: One is rotary kiln, whose kiln cylinder is placed in horizon level with a slight oblique, and doing rotary movement; Another is called shaft kiln, which is vertically placed without rotation.

1, The Wet-Type Rotary Kiln

The cement kiln used for wet process in cement production is called wet-type kiln. In wet process production, the raw material is made into slurry with a water content of 32% to 40%. Due to the liquidity, the main advantages of wet process production are that different raw materials are well mixed, and the clinker burnt is of high quality.

2, The Dry-Type Rotary Kiln

Compared with the wet-type rotary kiln, the dry process production makes raw materials into dry raw powder, whose water content is generally less than 1%. This method reduces the heat consumption needed for evaporating water. The rotary kiln with a hollow structure, due to the high exhaust gas temperature, consumes larger amounts of heat. The liquidity of dry process production is inferior to that of slurry, for the dry process production turns raw materials into dry powder, together with an inadequate raw material mixture and uneven composition.

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